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~The Foundation~

Chapter 1: God Of The Impossib-EL

Chapter 2: The Way To The Father

Chapter 3: A Price Is Paid

Chapter 4: Lord Of The Possible

Chapter 5: In The Beginning


Proclamation Introduction

Chapter 6: Tree Of Life

Chapter 7: Crowns

Chapter 8: Immortality

Chapter 9: New Name

Chapter 10: Rode of Iron

Chapter 11: The Morning Star

Chapter 12: Glory In White

Chapter 13: Book Of Life

Chapter 14: Confession

Chapter 15: Justification

Chapter 16: Pillars

Chapter 17: Thrones

Chapter 18: Inheritance


Affirmations Introduction

Chapter 19: Love Like The Fathers

Chapter 20: Chosen By Him

Chapter 21: We Live In Him

Chapter 22: Power To Be Children

Chapter 23: To Be One With The Father

Chapter 24: Do His Works

Chapter 25: Speak His Words

Chapter 26: Spiritual Authority

Chapter 27: Anointing Of The Holy Spirit

Chapter 28: Gifts & Giving

Chapter 29: Peace

Invitation Page


Precept Introduction

Chapter 30: Light Of The World

Chapter 31: Sent

Chapter 32: Can Do Nothing

Chapter 33: Drink His Cup PRT1

Chapter 34: Drink His Cup PRT2

Chapter 35: Carry His Cross PRT1

Chapter 36: Carry His Cross PRT2

Chapter 37: Carry His Cross PRT3

Chapter 38: Carry His Cross PRT4

Chapter 39: Abide & Obey PRT1

Chapter 40: Abide & Obey PRT1

Chapter 41: Precious Blood

Chapter 42: Forever Glorified


Chapter 43: Our Daddy- Architect of Love

Chapter 44: Our Daddy- We Shall Be Like Him

Chapter 45: Our Daddy- Forever Father: All In All


Appendix A +B

~We Shall Be Like Him – 1 John 3:2~